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Being a land of mystery Nepal is filled with diversity and three major geographical points. From plains, hills, and Himalayas the Upper Mustang Trek lets you encounter it all! Himalayan culture, vast valleys, wild rivers and Himalayan views this trek takes you on an adventure beyond your dreams. Known as the Upper Mustang region of Nepal and one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.

Trip highlights:

• Visit the ancient Kingdom of Lo Manthang
• Trek through a stark desert landscape with spires and cliffs
• Lying in the rain shadow, a great trek to escape the summer monsoon
• Picturesque mountains to the south
• The region situated in the rain shadow
• Unique cultural and historical monuments
• Monasteries of high importance
• Scenic flight to and from Jomsom
• Kathmandu and Pokhara city

Trekking in the Upper Mustang region lets you encounter various types of wildlife and traditional culture. On the way to the highest point of the Upper Mustang Trek is Drakmar. Along with the stone-walled village of Lo-Mangthang where a day of exploration will take place at 8,700 meters above the sea level. The village here consists of cliffs and ravines. Now all ruins it is worth it to have some exploration in these ancients living places of the people that used to live and thrive here. Even the famous international channel National Geographic has made a documentary about the Upper Mustang and its attractions. This trek also offers amazing snowcapped Himalayan views that are only accessible from the Mustang region.

Upper Mustang Trekking, The Route

The journey through Mustang starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara a magical lakeside city. From here a scenic flight to Jomsom will take place, also with views of the Nilgiri are just amazing from the airplane. Jomsom is where we start trekking to Kagbeni following the Kali Gandaki River. The trail is mostly along the road until reaching Kagbeni village. From here we go on more secluded trails towards Syanbochen and ultimately to Lo-Mangthang. Along with a scenery that reflects an American Western movie and it’s common to see horse riders in this area. Peregrine Treks & Expedition has concluded more than hundreds of expeditions in the Mustang region and is well known with the Upper Mustang Trek, as so an even better service can be provided towards the trekkers who wish to explore this magical region.

The Kali Gandaki River is our main follow point during the Upper Mustang Trekking. Furthermore, we notice many thriving villages situated near this life-giving river. Along with, crossing suspension bridges over deep gorges and rivers, crossing jungles and rocky trails makes this trek more adventures. The Peregrine Treks & Expedition team will be there every step of the way to let you enjoy the beauty of the Upper Mustang Trek.

Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (1300m/4264ft)
Day 02: Sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley
Day 03: Drive to Pokhara (823m/2,700ft) 6 hrs. drive
Day 04 Fly to Jomsom & trek to Kagbeni (2,858m/9,375ft) 3/4 hrs. trek
Day 05: Kagbeni to Chele (3050m/10,004ft) 5-6 hour
Day 06: Chele to Syanbochen (3475m/11,398ft) 6/7 hrs. trek
Day 07: Syanbochen to Ghaymi (3520m/11,546ft) 5/6 hrs
Day 08: Ghaymi to Charang (3500m/11,480ft) 4/5 hrs. trek
Day 09: Charang to Lo-Mangthang (3700m/12,136ft): 5-6 hrs. trek
Day 10: Explore at Lo-Mangthang
Day 11: Lo-Mangthang to Drakmar (3810 m/12,500ft) 6/7 hours trek
Day 12: Dhakmar to Ghiling (3806m/12,484ft) 5/6 hours trek
Day 13: Ghiling to Chhuksang (3050m/10,004ft) 5/6 hours
Day 14: Chhuksang to Jomsom (2700/8,856ft) 6/7 hrs.
Day 15: Fly back to Pokhara
Day 16: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu
Day 17: Rest Day in Kathmandu / Farewell dinner
Day 18: Transfer to the airport for your departure

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Upper Mustang Trek Itinerary & Other Details

Day 01

Arrival At Tribowan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu (1300 m / 4264 ft)

  • Arrival at the airport and transfer to your hotel by our representative
  • Hotel rest / explore the streets of Thamel
  • A special welcome dinner will be organized in a traditional Nepali restaurant
  • Overnight stay at your hotel in Kathmandu

Day 02

Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley

  • Hotel breakfast
  • Meeting the Peregrine Treks & Expedition office for your trek preparation
  • Sightseeing around Kathmandu:
    • Swayambunath Monkey Temple
    • Bouddhanath Buddhist Stupa
    • The Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath
    • The Royal Durbar Square of Kathmandu
  • The rest of the day is free for souvenir shopping or leisure
  • Overnight stay in Kathmandu city


Day 03

drive to Pokhara (823m/2,700ft) 6 hrs drive

  • Hotel breakfast and checkout
  • Departure to Pokhara by AC tourist bus
  • Lunch break near the riverside
  • Scenic drive along the Trishuli river
  • Arrival and check in Pokhara Lakeside
  • Evening walk along Phewa Lake
  • Overnight stay in Pokhara


Day 04

Fly to Jomsom & trek to Kagbeni (2,858m/9,375ft) 3/4 hrs treks

  • Early hotel breakfast and checkout
  • We catch a morning flight to Jomsom
  • From Jomsom we start our trek officially
  • Following the Kaligandaki River we reach Kagbeni
  • Overnight stay in Kagbeni

Traveler’s note: did you know that Jomsom is famous for its apple orchards, and from Jomsom amazing views of the Nilgiri can be seen!

Day 05

Kagbeni to chele (3050m/10,004ft) 5/6 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • After our permits check we head along the Kaligandaki River
  • It’s a sandy trail with strong winds until reaching an uphill ascend
  • The route takes us to Tangbe village where we take a small break
  • Continuing we pass another village and cross a river
  • A ridge trail leads us to Chele
  • Overnight stay in Chele village

Traveler’s note: Did you know that Tangbe village is full of white washed houses, narrow alleys, apple orchards and buck weed, barley fields. Tomorrow we have a hard day so better take an early sleep!

Day 06

Chele to Syanbochen (3475m/11,398ft) 6/7 hrs treks

  • We head upwards to cross two passes
  • The trail is strenuous and we watch our condition as we cross the Taklam La Pass and the Dajori La Pass
  • We enjoy the amazing views of the Yakawa Kang, Damodar Danda and Tilicho
  • Following the road we descend and pass by the Ramchung Cave
  • The trail heads on descending on a steep trail until reaching Syanboche
  • Overnight stay in Syanboche village

Traveler’s note: Did you know that the Taklam La Pass and the Dajori Pass are over 3,600 meters in height! The Ramchung Cave is an interesting point during today’s trek! Tomorrow we face another two passes so a good night’s sleep is recommended!

Day 07

Syanbochen tSyanbochen to Ghaymi (3520m/11,546ft) 5/6 hrs. treko Ghaymi (3520m/11,546ft) 5/6 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • As we head for the Yamda La Pass we pass by a few chortens and rural villages
  • The ascend is steep and after crossing the Yamda La we head through Poplar forest trails
  • A final climb leads us to the Nyi Pass, where we take a break and take in the view
  • Descending trails lead to the fields of Ghami village
  • Overnight stay at Ghami

Traveler’s note: Did you know that the Yamda La and Nyi Passes are over 3,800 meters! Ghami is known to be the largest village in the Lo region, and popular for its fields surrounding the entire village.

Day 08

Ghaymi to Charang (3500m/11,480ft) 4/5 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • We start by descending through rough and mostly slippery terrain
  • Once we reach the Ghami Khola we cross it from the suspension bridge and begin our ascend
  • Heading upwards we pass by beautiful Mani walls and reaching the Charang La Pass
  • From here we can reach Charang
  • Overnight stay in Charang village

Traveler’s note: The Charang Pass lies at a height of 3,870 meters. Charang village is one interesting place as it rests atop the Charang Chu Canyon and is home to a big fortress and a red gompa east of it.

Day 09

Charang to Lo-Mangthang (3700m/12,136ft): 5/6 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • Starting off with a descend towards the Charang Chu Canyon we reach a river
  • Crossing the river gives us access to an ascend that leads to the Lo La Pass
  • Reaching the top of the Pass we get to relax and enjoy the amazing views and panoramas
  • A final descend takes us to the walled village of Lo-Manthang
  • Overnight stay in Lo-Manthang

Traveler’s note: Lo-Manthang gives amazing views of the Nilgiri, Tilicho, Annapurna I, Bhrikuti Peak and a beautiful pond called Damodar Kunda. Lo-Manthang village is complete enclosed by a large stone wall, which makes the village resemble an old medieval settlement!

Day 10

Explore at Lo-Mangthang

  • Breakfast
  • Today we rest for acclimatization and to explore the medieval town of Lo-Manthang
  • Sightseeing at the three Gompas :
    • The Jhampa Gompa
    • The Thupchen Gompa
    • The Chhoeda Gompa
  • Excursion to Tingkhar village
  • Late afternoon we head back to Lo-Manthang
  • Overnight stay in Lo-Manthang

Day 11

Lo-Mangthang to Drakmar (3810 m/12,500ft) 6/7 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • Following a different route leaving Lo-Manthang behind we reach Gyakar village
  • After a short break we continue on towards Drakmar
  • Overnight stay in Drakmar village

Traveler’s note: Gyakar village is home to a one hundred years old Gompa. The Ghar Gompa is decorated with beautiful rock paintings and according to legend, anyone who makes a wish at the Gompa get it fulfilled! Our trek tomorrow will be tough so we are going to get up early to avoid strong winds.

Day 12

Dhakmar to Ghiling (3806m/12,484ft) 5/6 hrs treks

  • Early breakfast and departure
  • Mostly descending we try to avoid strong winds
  • Hiking downwards and gradualy flat across dry plateaus and fields we reach Ghiling
  • After our lodge check in we get to tour this beautiful and charming village
  • Overnight stay in Ghiling village

Traveler’s note: the mountains we get to see clearly today are the mighty Daulagiri and the Nilgiri.

Day 13

Ghiling to Chhuksang (3050m/10,004ft) 5/6 hrs treks

  • Breakfast and departure
  • The trail today is familiar and we head back towards Lo Manthang
  • After a good five hours of trekking,we reach Chhuksang
  • Overnight stay in Chhuksang village

Traveler’s note: tomorrow is our last day of trekking so we should enjoy the beautiful Himalayan views for the last time!

Day 14

Chhuksang to Jomsom (2700/8,856ft) 6/7 hrs

  • Breakfast and departure
  • We prepare for a long last trek back to Jomsom
  • After trekking for most of the day we join up with the Annapurna circuit trail and head for Kagbeni
  • After a break here we head on the familiar route back to Jomsom
  • A last farewell party will be organized with our staff and the locals
  • Overnight stay in Jomsom

Traveler’s note: we got an early flight back to Pokhara so better not to party to late.

Day 15

Fly back to Pokhara

  • Early breakfast and head for the airport
  • We catch a flight back to Pokhara the amazing Lakeside city
  • After arriving in Pokhara we transfer to the hotel
  • Rest of the day is at leisure and relaxing
  • Overnight stay in Pokhara

Traveler’s note: the flight back to Pokhara passes through the Daulagiri and Annapurna Mountains, keep your cameras ready!

Day 16

Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu

  • Hotel breakfast and transfer to the bus station
  • We take a scenic bus drive back to Kathmandu and stop on the way for lunch at the highroad restaurant
  • After arriving back in Kathmandu we transfer to the hotel
  • Overnight stay in Kathmandu

Day 17

Rest Day in Kathmandu Farewell dinner

  • Hotel breakfast
  • Today is a day to enjoy the last of Kathmandu
  • For any day tours please inquire to your Peregrine Treks and Expedition’s contact person
  • A special farewell dinner will be organized in a traditional Nepali restaurant
  • Overnight stay in Kathmandu

Day 18

Transfer to airport for your departure

  • Hotel breakfast and checkout
  • Transfer to the International airport 3 hours before your departing time


  • Airport pickups and drops in a private vehicle
  • Three-star hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Room in best available lodge and all meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during trekking
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • All ground transportation in private vehicle as per itinerary
  • Pokhara Jomsom and Jomsom Pokhara flight ticket
  • City tour with tour guide as per itinerary
  • All entrance fees during sightseeing and trekking
  • An experienced English or other Language speaking guide and one assistance guide for more than 5 trekkers
  • Guide, porter and other necessary staff salaries, insurance, accommodation and food, and airfares if necessary
  • Sleeping bag (to be returned after trip completion)
  • Trekking bag/duffel bag, t-shirt, achievement certificate and trekking map are free services from the company.
  • All necessary Special Permit and TIMS
  • First Aid Medical kit or necessary normal medicine
  • Seasonal fruits during trek
  • All applicable government and local taxes


  • Nepal visa fee and international airfares
  • Hotel accommodation, Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu because of early arrival in Nepal or late departure from Nepal, early return from mountain because of any reason than the scheduled itinerary.
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, soft or hard beverages, recharge the battery, bottled/boiled water, extra porters, hot shower, pot of tea etc.) during trekking
  • Tips and gratuities for guide(s), porter(s) and driver(s)

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Trip Facts

Duration:18 Days
Group Size:more than 2
Arrival on:Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal
Max Altitude:3810m
Accomodation:Three Star Hotel In Kathmandu with breakfast
Meals:Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) during trekking