Planning a holiday in Nepal? Join us to witness swashbuckling natural and cultural attractions of Nepal served to you with the pristine Nepali hospitality.

Welcome to this amazing land of superlative mountains, unique traditions, and historical architectural monuments. Travelling is the essence of human being and one should at least travel to the place unknown once in a lifetime. Nepal is an enchanted place often described as the fairyland in the earth. The attractions worthy of any fairy-tale are in abundance in Nepal. Steep uphill, downhill and the trail along the green lush forests will act as the decorated stage of the Shakespeare Play.

As the name itself suggests, Peregrine Travel would leave no stone turned while serving you these impeccable natural and artificial attractions with amazing hospitality. The literal meaning of our company could be a falcon or a wanderer. Either way, the dedicated personnel of Peregrine Travel would act as a falcon in finding out small details which can make your wanderings knowledgeable and memorable. After all the journey should be the memory tale which you can share for generations to come.

The journey to Nepal will give you an opportunity to witness unlimited snow-capped mountains, rural environment, the clamor of urban life, culture, traditions, the lifestyle of Gorkhalis.  The courageous soldiers, terraced farmland, glacier-fed rivers and many more landmarks listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Peregrine Treks and Travel

The trip to Nepal is an amalgamation of all the attractions of the world within this small Himalayan nation. Trekking in Nepal or tour in Nepal is the best way to fulfill your wilderness adventure which would be a spectacular memory tale of your life. The investment in traveling is an investment in you. The observation of flora and fauna along with the unique culture of the place away from your usual comfort zone makes you the complete human being.

Peregrine Travel will realize your dream of traveling in a satisfying fashion. Our decade-long experience in the field of tourism in Nepal will make your holiday exciting and memorable one. We believe that when you go back to your hometown after the trek or tour, the sense of completeness and rejuvenation should appear in your mind and soul. The highly skilled and certified members of our team will give you the majestic presentation of the geographical landscapes, traditions and historical landmarks of Nepal.

Realize your dream of traveling in this Himalayan nation with the experienced and highly skilled team of Peregrine Travel. Come and join us to explore this Himalayan nation.


Our Mission:

Our approach is to raise environmental awareness among climbers and trekkers who make the trips in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet through us. We thoroughly brief our clients the ways to minimize the negative effects of their activities in the areas and make aware to actively involved in the preservation of the very fragile environment. Our main effort is to sustain the vulnerable indigenous cultures within the country.


What makes us different?

Peregrine Treks is highly considered for its outstanding services. We are globally reputed for proper management by the highly professional team of leaders, climbers and Sherpa, first-rate logistics and our resulting safety and success record on the mountain expedition in Nepal and Tibet. We do have the team members with high dedication, professional and sufficient mountaineering training.


Quality and Value:

Our services are intended to offer quality and reasonable, together with a rich, varied and a rewarding experience. Our prices of all the tours are highly competitive and unmatched with any other trekking companies. We are committed to returning the full value of money that you pay us.



Safety has always been our top priority and we strive to create the safest mountain experience as much as possible. Careful planning and vigilant care are taken individually as we venture into high altitudes climbing.


Group Size:

We organize all our adventure trips for adventure enthusiasts whether they are in groups – small or larger or just an individual. Trekking duration and itinerary can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

Thank you.