Nepal Travel FAQs

Where is Nepal?
Can I get on arrival visa?
Is the country politically safe and stable?
How to enter Nepal?
I am doing teahouse trekking in Nepal. What can I expect?

How long will we walk on an average day?
Who will be our guide?
What kind of weather can we expect during trekking?
What should be the group size?
Does your company help to arrange domestic flight, international flight, hotel bookings and other services?
What type of insurance policy should I buy before coming to Nepal? Can I get insurance there?
Is Nepal safe? Is a woman traveling alone safe with your company?
What is wilderness trek?
What equipment do you provide? What should I bring myself?
What are the best times to come on a trek/tour/expedition?
Can I trek in the Himalayas even if I haven't done any trekking before?
Can you assure me that your staffs are taken care of?
How hygienic are food and water served in the lodges and camps?
Are your staff members fully equipped? What about their insurance?
Electricity in Nepal
What does trek grading (Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Strenuous) mean?
What can I take as souvenirs from Nepal?
What to wear in Nepal?
Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?
Is there Tourist Police in Nepal?