Trekking in Nepal during Monsoon

Trekking in Nepal during monsoon

Nepal is such an amazing place for trekking and tour, you can trek in Nepal for the whole year. The best season for trekking and expedition may be spring and autumn, By trekking in Nepal during monsoon, you can get a different experience. Find out about the quick facts on monsoon highlights in Nepal to make Continue Reading…

Travel agent

Why you should use travel agent

Why Travel agent?? This is the age of technology; you can get enough information in a single click. Flight ticket, Hotels, and all other things can book via online and this is an effortless option for travellers.  You can travel without a travel agent. But, the travel agent is a specialist in the field of Continue Reading…


Heaven of the Earth, Rara Lake

Rara Lake is the deepest and biggest lake in the Nepalese Himalayas. It is located in the Rara National Park, the smallest one in Nepal, in the districts of Mugu and Jumla. Situated at an altitude 3000 meters, the heaven of the earth i.e. Rara Lake which is said to have hundreds of blue and Continue Reading…

Pilgrimage of Nepal

Pilgrimage of Nepal

Hindus and Buddhists everywhere throughout the world including from neighbouring India come to pay praise at Nepal’s many spots of a journey. Other than the well-known place of worship of Pashupati and noteworthy locales as Lumbini and Janakpur, various other mainstream traveller goals are additionally found in various parts of the nation. While some are Continue Reading…

Solo Trekking in Nepal

Solo trekking in Nepal

Some people are possibly meant for solo hiking. Others are intended for locating hiking companions. Regardless, in this piece of writing, we’ll reside upon the advantages of locating trekking partners and additionally touch upon the scenarios wherein trekking buddies aren’t “good to have” but “must have”. Most of the trekkers choose government authorized agency for Continue Reading…

Souvenir from Nepal

Souvenir Shopping in Nepal

After traveling in Nepal, your families and friends hope some souvenir with you. Here is some list of souvenir, which you can buy for your friends and relatives. Also, these things help to make your Nepal Tour memorable.

Pokhara tour with Peregrine Treks and Expedition

Nepal the world’s best value destination for 2017

Nepal has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world to travel destination for 2017, according to Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel list. Publishing the travel listing for 201, the world’s popular travel guide has said that Nepal is the freshest vacation spot for all budget vacationers while Nepal came out Continue Reading…

reconstruction of the Boudhanath Stupa

Completed reconstruction of Buddha’s eyes

The reconstruction of the Boudhanath Stupa at Boudha has been finished, turning into the first heritage site of the country to be reconstructed in a concise period, despite the fact that remaking of other heritage destinations harmed by the April 25 quake of a year ago has quite recently started or is in the underlying Continue Reading…

Trek with Peregrine Team

尼泊尔迁徙 / Nepal Trekking

在尼泊尔徒步旅行是最好的荒野户外探险活动。无限的山区和丘陵地形的存在使尼泊尔徒步旅行度假的理想目的地。 TREK覆盖着白雪的小径。探索大自然得天独厚的区域。观察正宗的文化和尼泊尔人民的传统。我们是领导尼泊尔徒步旅行,旅游和远征旅行公司。 徒步称为流浪的山上或步行和远足世界各地。远足可以更容易和更短。不过,徒步登山是的升级版本。尼泊尔是极端的地域多样化的土地。它具有三个地理带,即特莱平地,丘陵地形和山带。因此,跋涉10分钟的飞行时间体验到气候变化。除了天气和风景独特的文化和传统也使尼泊尔理想的度假胜地。 有在尼泊尔徒步探险神秘的众多小径。珠峰地区,安纳普尔那地区和蓝塘地区是最流行的尼泊尔徒步旅行的目的地。徒步是尼泊尔非常受欢迎,因为它把你带到世界上最高的山山的怀抱珠峰。想象一下,在这样一个最高级的山大本营花费的时间。此外,14种不同的的荒野探险超过8000米高度目前惊人的机会山脉。还有其他关闭尼泊尔徒步殴打步道这是时下日益普及。加尼甚雪山地区,马纳斯鲁地区Dolpo地区和拉拉湖徒步路线是尼泊尔的替代徒步路线的几个例子。 如果您计划在冒险的旅程,喜马拉雅山徒步,然后在尼泊尔是做出最好的选择。体验乡村环境,河流,湖泊,瀑布,森林和山脉在尼泊尔的行程单。百富勤苦旅和探险是尼泊尔的可信,可靠的徒步旅行机构。您可以选择百富勤苦旅的无忧无虑和难忘的旅程到喜马拉雅山。 Peregrine Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Email :